Thursday, December 23, 2010


I called Tom this morning to wish him a happy birthday...he called me sweetie...i think it's because he was half asleep...and he's used to calling me that. It stung like hell though because I know he didn't mean to. Ugh, anyways, I'm going over to the apartment tonight with Delia and Mandy, our dogs, to see him on his birthday. 

So a few weeks ago, someone I haven't talked to since freshman year at Lawrence North in Indy IMed me on facebook...he got my hopes up that there was actually going to be another man interested in me by saying that he regretted he never made a move when I had a crush on him. Yes, he's interested in me, but only for one thing apparently and you all know what THAT is. I am extremely vulnerable right now and to have him do that to me was cruel. One of my exes (now just my friend) did the same exact thing and he has a girlfriend...luckily though, I know him well enough to not take it too seriously. He eventually texted me and said he couldn't talk to me like that anymore because he truly is in love with his girlfriend. Wtf? Seriously? Of all times for TWO guys to play with my emotions?? I guess they "smell the blood" and come running. It was flattering, but to end up pretty much being used is NOT cool.

Men: you can't live with them and you can't live without them...

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  1. Girl, I dated a cousin of Yvonne's (from church) around Christmas in 2002 (I believe...that or 2003) and it was all because of THAT one thing. It hurt because I thought we got along great, we had some laughs and talked a lot but then one day he stopped talking to me and never responded to my emails or calls. When I asked Yvonne about it she said he was back to dating his ex...wth???? Talk about a kick in the stomach!