Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Life sucks. Seriously, I truly feel like giving up. I'm gonna be out of my meds soon, too, so that is NOT good...all because my "husband" refused to pay for my psychiatrist appointment. I asked Tom yesterday if he would go to church with me on Christmas Eve...he said that he promised his parents that he would go with them. Before even asking me? UGH! He said, "I'm sorry you're not happy with the Christmas Eve arrangements," to which I responded, "I'm sorry you ARE happy with the Christmas Eve arrangements!". Seriously, why are men such douchebags?! I put that as my status on facebook last night and got a lot of interesting responses by which I was highly entertained. lol My friend Kevin put "genetics" he admitting to being a douchebag?! I think so...


  1. Just think you will be sitting with us and that is better than sitting next to an indecisive douche bag!!!

  2. That is SO true! Thanks for reminding me of that, Teresa!!!