Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Just got done eating with Mom and John. It was so good! Stuffed mushrooms (made by me, but my Aunt Laurie's recipe), spinach squares, cheese and crackers (made famous by my Grampa Wendell), deviled eggs, and my parents also had chicken salad and shrimp. I fear the 15lbs I lost is going to come back. IT BETTER NOT! lol I opened a very special present from my Aunt Laurie: a beautiful snowflake picture frame ornament with a picture of Grammy in it. I smiled through my tears. It is beautiful and is, fittingly, hanging on the Christmas tree next to Grampa Wendell's memorial ornament. In the card, it said, "Here's hoping 2011 is a better year for all of us..." Amen to has been a HORRIBLE year. But, I won't dwell on the crapiness of 2010, since it's Christmas. I also got my secret Santa gift from my sis-in-law Allison: Colts light up ornament, Colts decal & Colts emblem for my car, and Colts horseshoes that you put on your nails. = ) I got a NY&Co. purse from my Aunt Deanne, Uncle Brian, cousin Kara, and my Nonny. I need to call them all and thank them. I also need to call my Grampy. He's not much for talking on the phone, but at least I can hear his sweet voice and tell him how very much I love him. Merry Christmas everyone! I'm off to my pet-sitting job!

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